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Voice of chairman

I always want to be a star striker and get in many goals

Tsutomu Fujita

I was earnestly wanting have my own company from my younger days.

I used to work for IBM Japan. Then I was transferred to IBM Japan Information Solutions Co., Ltd. Until March 2000, I was the vice president of that company. I had always been wanting to run my own company. From such experiences, I was confident of running my own company and growing it even in this age and time. I wanted to expand the company and list the stocks on the stock market so despite opposition from my family and others around me, I set up this company. So the company actually started operation in April 2000 with 10 personnel. After six years the number of personnel is 330 and the gross sales jumped from 0.1 billion yen to 2.8 billion yen, a growth of 28 times. Our expertise is in the development of accounting, payroll, and personnel administration applications of small- and medium-sized companies by customizing ERP packages to meet our customer needs. For the immediate future, we plan to expand our business area to the operation and maintenance of customer systems for small- and medium-sized companies. We are quite confident that this business area will grow in the future.

Polishing a rock to form a diamond

Although my major in college was in chemistry, I started out as an SE in IBM Japan. It goes to prove that regardless of what you major in college, you can still be a system engineer. This holds true for a company like SOLPAC. The only thing that's important is that you should have "an interest in computers and you want to develop yourself." Even if you come to our company as a piece of rock, we will polish you and make you into a diamond. We will educate you by offering abundant and various training courses and make you into a specialist. We will raise your salary according to your skill level. And, we will assign you with various tasks and responsibilities regardless of age. At SOLPAC, making effort means to become a specialist.

Taking an aggressive stance and aiming to list on the Stock Exchange

You may wonder about my age but I still actively play soccer and belong to two local teams in Tokyo. They keep me busy and I play several games every weekend which total over 60 games a year. One of the two is a team that I formed myself. I'm also an advisor on the IBM Japan soccer team, my former team. My position is forward since I am an aggressive type of person (laugh) and I like to put in a lot of points. That also goes for the way I run my company and my life style. As a result, SOLPAC is growing at an incredible speed in the industry both sales-wise and manpower-wise and we plan to be listed on the Stock Exchange by the end of this year, 2018.